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Psalms 126

The Book of Psalms

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Chapter 127


 A Song of the Ascents, by Solomon. If Jehovah doth not build the house, In vain have its builders laboured at it, If Jehovah doth not watch a city, In vain hath a watchman waked. 


 Vain for you who are rising early, Who delay sitting, eating the bread of griefs, So He giveth to His beloved one sleep. 


 Lo, an inheritance of Jehovah [are] sons, A reward [is] the fruit of the womb. 


 As arrows in the hand of a mighty one, So [are] the sons of the young men. 


 O the happiness of the man Who hath filled his quiver with them, They are not ashamed, For they speak with enemies in the gate! 

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